Patio Covers

Patio Cover projects will be designed and built to look as close as possible to your original home and built to meet all local building codes, including Home owner Association requirements if applicable. The patio or foundation will be constructed as per engineer specifications and local building codes assuring San Antonio patio covers and carports appropriate reinforcement, footings and beams. The patio cover or roof structure is built with wood-frame construction and finished to match or complement your home. Choose from many selections of materials such as fiber cement, wood, stone, stucco masonry finishes for your patios. We can provide many electrical options, including ceiling fans, can lights, carriage or flood lights, additional outlets, coax for TV and speaker wire for outdoor speakers. Paint and shingles will match your home as well. RK Barker Inc.’s Custom patio covers are built with radiant barrier roof decking to enhance your enjoyment of the completed project.

We also provide other options for you patio and patio cover, such as flag stone, stained concrete, wood and synthetic decks.

Wood Carports

Our Wood Carports offer custom designed wooden carport options , freestanding carport or attached carport option. Not all customers looking for a carport are interested in a metal carport. Eagle ford handyman Construction offers all types of custom designed wooden carports. Wooden Carports provide customers the option to paint their carport system to blend with their home

Arbors, gazebos and decorative wood elements

Arbors, gazebos and decorative wood elements can transform your outdoor living space into very attractive focal points. Eagle Ford Handyman Construction constructs all of the arbors, trellis and pergolas out of wood materials. However if a client request an alternative material we will consider that possibility. We build from wood because we believe this is the best natural and most attractive material for arbors and outdoor San Antonio patio covers and carports decorative elements. They are generally built from redwood, cedar and kiln dried materials. Arbors are shade structures that are usually built in sunny areas. Arbors can also serve the purpose of being a structure for vines to grow on. Most of the arbors that we build are shade structures. Wooden arbors built by RK Barker Inc. can have a beautiful visual impact on your property. These structures are expertly crafted under the supervision of master carpenter Rodney Barker. Turn your yard into something that you can truly appreciate and enjoy for years. Be the showcase in your neighborhood with the added charm and elegance of an arbors, gazebos and decorative wood elements. Wooden arbors built by us can have a stunning visual impact on your property. Turn your yard into something that you can truly appreciate and enjoy.

We also build in South Texas and San Antonio Room Additions, all our room additions, detached garages are custom designed and built with many years of experience under the supervision of master carpenter craftsman Rodney Barker also Owner and president of RK Barker Inc. if it is attached or detached on the exterior of your home we can build it.

We hope you consider us for your next Project be it for a Patio Cover, Carport, Arbor, Gazebo, Handyman, Room Additions or Outdoor Kitchens, So please continue to view our site. Thanks, Rodney Barker – President.